About Us

The Balvin name was founded in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066. The name "Balvin" comes from the Germanic elements bald, which means bold, and wine, which means friend or protector.

The eponymous apparel brand was named "L. Balvin" after the founders Iyron Davis' and Lionél Butler's iconic relative Lance Baldwin of Moeles (1098) who was the second son of Gilbert, count of Eu, who was a grandson of Richard the Fearless, and one of the guardians of the youth of William the Conqueror.  

L. Balvin represents self-love, self-confidence and the brand motto "les plus grands rois se couronnent" which translates to "the greatest kings crown themselves."

The family-run company behind the brand have almost 15 years of experience in designing fashion-led garments which are all constructed from high quality, high performance fabrics that feature smart styling and classic authenticity.

Under the creative vision of Iyron Davis (Creative Director) and the leadership of Lionél Butler (President), the brand has built solid foundations for its development, and it is pursuing its evolution to continue enhancing its fashion leadership in the market. In the coming years, L. Balvin will continue to focus on a well-balanced growth between product categories and distribution channels, a best-in-class retail and customer experience and a unique desirability of both iconic lines and novelty.


L. Balvin Apparel Brand Launches Summer 2019 Collection